Youth, Beauty and Boobs


The majority of men who enjoy the services provided by escort agencies, and those men thinking about doing it it for the first time, tend to select their dates on three important factors. As they browse through the galleries, their attention is drawn mainly by youth, beauty and boobs; the latter does not necessarily depend on size, but on shape and firmness. Their preference might be a very young girl who looks sweet and innocent with pert breasts or a young glamour model type with somewhat larger ones; a perfect 10 can be very different girls depending on the eyes of the beholder.

Ruth, an incredibly beautiful young Malaysian girl, whose pictures in the gallery on this website are enough to make any man gasp and throb with anticipation, is probably the closest you could get to a girl who is all things to all men and a perfect 10 in anyone’s book. She is undeniably beautiful in all respects, and she has that ideal combination of a pretty face, slim body, and amazingly full and firm breasts. I would go so far as to say that if you look at her pictures right now, you will, as she says in her bio, get so excited at the prospect that you will want to take yourself in hand and burst at the thought of touching her. The next step, of course, would be to book her, but as you can imagine, she is very sought after and you might have to wait in line. In fact, most of the men who make a date with Ruth usually extend their booking because they feel it was all over too quickly, their excitement getting the better of them, and they just can’t wait to have her again right away. I would say that makes her a more than the proverbial perfect 10.

Different strokes for different folk, of course. Xi Tong, a gorgeous teenager who you can see on this website is probably a perfect 10 for men who like young girls to look sweet and innocent as well as sensually inviting; take a look at her in the gallery and see if you agree. Xi Tong is a girl of many facets; she can be your girlfriend to take   on a date, especially if you are a young man, or she can be a sweet young girl who reluctantly surrenders to your advances. She can be a schoolgirl wearing a short skirt and white blouse and you can be her teacher if you are that way inclined. Again, she can be all things to all men, as long as young girls are what you like; and really, are there many men out there who have not thought about a schoolgirl experience when they are alone in bed in the dark? So, I guess she makes the grade as another perfect 10 for some of you, doesn’t she?

Last but not least, some men prefer a woman whose charm and elegance are awesomely breath-taking. Ting Ting, whose photos on the gallery are aesthetically divine, is a young woman who stirs up thoughts of sensual abandon whilst retaining a sense of grace and elegance so rarely found in the escort world. She is the type of woman you would expect to see on the arm of a diplomat or a prince, or the wife or mistress of a wealthy businessman. A date with her is more than a sexual experience, it is a journey back to the days when beautiful courtesans were revered, not only for their sensuality, but also for their ability to make any man feel special and adored. To most discerning men who appreciate a woman of substance, Ting Ting is another example of a perfect 10.

The ideal girl or woman is rarely the same depending on who you ask, but beauty is beauty and will always be admired. Ruth, Xi Tong and Ting Ting are only examples of course, because there are many beautiful girls on these galleries, but in all honesty, would you be able to resist any of them?