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Haruka strikes Gold

Haruka is somewhat of an enigma, being more like a traditional courtesan than a modern escort, but before reading this story about one of her adventures, you should take a look at her photos and bio in the gallery section on Oriental Rose London. read more


Ruth’s Playtime

If you have already read the last blog here, you know that Ruth has transformed role play into an art form and that none do it quite as magnificently as her. Ruth can be booked exclusively here in London on Oriental Rose if role play is something you are looking for. read more


Ruth’s Role Play Adventures

Ruth had not been working as an escort for very long when she discovered that a lot of her clients enjoyed role playing fantasies as well as tasting the delights of her amazing body. She had always assumed that her beautiful face and perfect breasts would be more than enough to satisfy read more


Youth, Beauty and Boobs

The majority of men who enjoy the services provided by escort agencies, and those men thinking about doing it it for the first time, tend to select their dates on three important factors. As they browse through the galleries, their attention is drawn mainly by youth, beauty and boobs; read more