Haruka strikes Gold

Haruka is somewhat of an enigma, being more like a traditional courtesan than a modern escort, but before reading this story about one of her adventures, you should take a look at her photos and bio in the gallery section on Oriental Rose London.

Haruka loves art and antiquities, so she often spends her spare time in Museums and art galleries, especially when new exhibits are on show. One day, after having coffee in the Natural History Museum and browsing a new exhibit, she took a taxi to Kings Road in Chelsea and went to the Saatchi Gallery to look at a recently opened new exhibition of abstract art. She was standing quietly looking at a painting when a smartly dressed gentleman struck up a conversation. “What do you think of this painting?” He asked. “Well, I think it is simply magnificent.” Haruka replied. The conversation went on in this vein for a few minutes, then the gentleman asked if she would like to join him for lunch at the restaurant adjacent to the gallery. Haruka knew very well where this was going and accepted the invitation without hesitation.

The elderly gentleman told Haruka over lunch that he was a widower and lived in one of those spectacular houses on Cheney Walk overlooking the Thames. He was obviously very rich, and Haruka always liked to hear that, so when he asked her to come home with him to look at his art collection, she accepted the invitation without reservation. The house was as magnificent as she expected, and his collection of art was extraordinary, probably worth millions of pounds.

Now, it is important to remember that no one who had ever met her could believe that Haruka was an escort because she exudes such grace and charm and looks more like a rich man’s wife or daughter than anything else. Because of this, the old gentleman resisted the urge to make ay advances and just stared at her longingly during their conversation. Eventually, Haruka broached the subject of her current situation, at least the one she was acting out, and told the gentleman that her rich father had recently died and that his will was in probate, leaving her temporarily rather short of funds. There was a slight pause in the conversation before the gentleman smiled and came right t the point that Haruka had wanted. He came right out and offered to give her whatever was enough to firm up her finances until the probate had ben resolved if she would allow him to make love to her.

Haruka knew from past experience that payment up front was absolutely necessary in this or any other situation, come to that. “I would love to trust you and take you on your word,” she said, “but we have only just met.” The gentleman replied “Of course, my dear.” And he went over to a painting on the wall, slid it to the side and opened a large safe from which he took two bundles of fifty-pound notes. “I hope this will do for start”, he said, “I will give you as much as you need, of course.” The ten thousand pounds was even more than Haruka had hoped for, and she took the old gentleman by the hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

The old gentleman was very easy to please, and Haruka went home very happy indeed. The sex became more unusual as their assignations continued, but the rewards were ever increasingly worth the bother.