Ruth’s Playtime


If you have already read the last blog here, you know that Ruth has transformed role play into an art form and that none do it quite as magnificently as her. Ruth can be booked exclusively here in London on Oriental Rose if role play is something you are looking for. As you can see by looking at her gallery pictures, Ruth is a very beautiful young woman with an absolutely amazing body, and she is probably the right fit for almost any fantasy you might have. 

Normally, Ruth works exclusively for Oriental Rose London, but she got a call one day from her friend Feng Feng and agreed to go on a double date with her to one of Feng Feng’s regular clients whose fantasy required two girls in order to fulfil.  The two girls met for a coffee at Harvey Nichols, which was close to the client’s Belgravia mews house. When Feng Feng told her more about the job, Ruth was astonished, but her astonishment soon turned to smiles as she came to grips with the unusual requirements involved in this booking.

They took the short walk through Belgrave Square to the quiet mews and rang the doorbell. The client, a rather short man in his fifties, ushered them quickly indoors and offered them a glass of wine. They talked about mundane things like the weather for a while, then the man took them upstairs to a converted loft which was decorated in the style of an old-fashioned school room with a teacher’s table and two desks for pupils.

“Feng Feng, what is the meant by the hypotenuse in geometry?” the client asked. Feng Feng put her thumb in her mouth, looking bewildered and replied, “No idea, sir, I’m so sorry”. To which the client thundered, “Well, you had better come over here and bend over that chair.” He pulled up her skirt and gave her a few slaps on her pert little bum while she gasped and breathily said, “That hurts, sir, that really hurts.” But of course, it didn’t hurt at all really, though Feng Feng knew how much saying that would excite him. She returned to her desk rubbing her bum and pretending to cry.

“Well now, Ruth, let’s see if you have studied your homework better than Feng Feng, what is the capitol of Peru?” Ruth knew the answer but by now was fully aware of the game being played, “Is it, hmmm, I don’t know, sir.” The client told her she was a dunce and made her stand in the corner. He then lifted up her skirt, knelt down behind her and began to kiss her bum and then her pussy, telling her that is what happens to naughty young girls who don’t do their homework. When he was so hard that he couldn’t bear it any longer he took the two girls over to his desk and told them to kneel in front of him while he played with himself until he came all over their pretty faces.

Ruth and Feng Feng both thought it had gone very well and complemented each other on their respective acting abilities before going to Harvey Nichols for a bite to eat. Ruth had never played the naughty schoolgirl before, but thought it was a wonderful addition to her repertoire.